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Welcome to the Homepage of the Policeman's Benevolence Association Local #35 Camden City New Jersey. This is our first foray into the Internet. Individually, some of our members have explored the Web and extoll the benefits of the Information Superhighway as a resource for all law enforcement professionals. Much of the information used to construct our current contract was gleaned from the information available on the Net, everything from comparible salaries to the homepages of municipalities, insurance companies and the US Census Bureau. We hope provide our fellow officers with helpful links as well as news about what's happening in the nation's fifth poorest city and the police department responsible for protecting. Surf and enjoy.

Table of Contents

The Gang Chain
This page contains links to sites of law enforcemnent interest, information databases and time-consuming diversions.
This site will contain a featured topic which we hope will provide useful info to our fellow officers.
PBA Newsletter
Reprints the montly newsletter sent to active and retired PBA35 members. E-mail us your address to subscribe. It's FREE! Issues can be e-mailed or snail mailed.
Camden City NJ
A site that will hopefully introduce you to the more positive aspects of NJ's most distressed city.
Camden Police
Articles, press releases and photos of the people charged with protecting the nation's fifth poorest city.
Sign Our Guestbook
Sign in after your visit and pontificate at length. Replies guarenteed or omitted at your request if you follow a flame and run philosophy.

Dan Ertz, Secretary
P.B.A. Local #35
116-120 N. 2nd St.
Camden, NJ 08102
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This site has taken persons into custody.
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